CAFP | Aquarium Exhibits at Children's Aquarium at Fair Park | Dallas, Texas
Explore six interactive zones: Freshwater, Intertidal, Near Shore, Shore, Offshore and our famous Stingray Bay.
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Freshwater Zone


From the lakes, ponds, and rivers that surround the places we live, peer in on the creatures with which we share these watery realms. Discover our Australian rainbows, blind cavefish, and red-bellied piranha. And keep your eyes peeled for our Caiman lizards and other new friends.

Intertidal Zone


One of the harshest areas to live in the ocean, the Intertidal Zone is home only to those species that can endure the regular pounding of waves and the climate changes from the tidal highs and lows. These areas contain some of the most diverse, expansive, and beautiful animals on earth. Here you’ll encounter our beautiful sea urchins and even the aptly-named chocolate chip sea star.

Shore Zone


Like the Intertidal Zone, the ocean shores have dwellers that are greatly affected by the changing tides and frequent beach visitors. See some familiar creatures and gaze upon a fish that walks on the sea floor! You’ll encounter our fascinating seahorses, rhinoceros iguana, and batfish here. Plus, see the Caribbean Reef and observe the environment our nightlife creatures call home.

Near Shore Zone


From snake-like eels to creatures with eight arms or hard shells, the Near Shore Zone features a lot of our most recognizable species. Clownfish, porcupinefish, and Moray eels are just a few of the interesting aquatic friends you’ll find.

Offshore Zone


As the ocean water gets deeper, the more unusual creatures can be found. Featuring unusual shapes, colors, and sizes, life in the Offshore Zone is anything but boring and predictable. Visit the Indo-Pacific Reef, meet fish with teeth (yes, teeth!), say hello to our formidable Queensland grouper, and watch our zebra sharks lounge in their habitat.

Stingray Bay


Venture to our outdoor pavilion to visit Stingray Bay, where guests can feed and interact with cownose rays in a touch pool. Nearby, you can watch black tip reef sharks and other fishy friends in the large outdoor shark habitat.